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You may not want to come to every service, or sit on a committee – but who doesn’t like a quiz?  Or a walk in the park?  Or some crazy golf?

Our programme is always published on the SPS website, with plenty of notice so that you can put our events in your diary.  Come along on your own, with family or with friends – you’re always welcome.

There may be a small charge for some of our events, but we try to keep these to a minimum.

To find out more about our current plans, email us on


Book Club

SPS has run a successful and very enjoyable book club for over fifteen years. We meet approximately every 4 - 6 weeks on a weekday morning for about 1 hour.  The chosen books have either been read by one of the group or are recommended and are mainly novels, but we sometimes choose biographies, all from a worldwide selection of books and authors.

Most books are readily available from local libraries, bookshops, online book shops and for Kindle, computers/ipads and phones.  Occasionally, books are available for sharing when available. It is not necessary to have read the book but by joining us we hope that you may be interested in reading the latest choice.

During the meeting we talk about the book and our thoughts on the text.  This usually leads to a lively discussion on the book and subjects arising. We also discuss various films/programmes that we recommend. A small fee is charged for the session and this is donated to the Synagogue at the AGM.

For further details please contact

Bridge Club

The Bridge Club is now over 40 years old!

There is a core of regulars (from all shuls) who help to make our Monday afternoons a pleasant, social event as well as playing Bridge. We have all made new and good friends.

If there are any Bridge players who would like to join us, come along before 1.30pm on Mondays. You do not need a partner, as we arrange the tables for you. You are assured of a very friendly welcome.


We are aware of the need to be proactive within the wider North London community. To that end we are involved in many Interfaith activities to promote understanding and cohesion between all religions.

As well as being aimed at peaceful coexistence and getting to know each others religious customs and practices, these activities have also been great fun.

Interfaith cycle ride with Palmers Green Mosque

Interfaith Chanukah Event

Israel Forum

There are many SPS members who are very proud and supportive of the State of lsrael...proud of its achievements, it’s inventions and its contributions to the world in terms of medicine, agriculture, technology and design.

Many of our members have links with a variety of supportive organisations, such as North London Friends of Israel, We Believe in Israel, the ZF and StandWithUs. There is also a growing concern that the increasing criticism of Israel is, in fact, a thinly disguised growth in anti-semitism.

Soon, we hope to restructure the Israel Group, thus giving our members a shared opportunity to air and discuss their views.

New Friends Group

Set up in 2015 by former chair, Mandi Dobias, the idea behind the group was for an informal, drop-in social meeting, with no agenda, for anyone at a loose end.

The group meets at West Lodge Park Hotel, which was chosen for its for easy parking, access and, of course, the beautiful surroundings.

Attendance varies but we often get between 6-12 people. Everyone is welcome and we would love to see some new faces! Meetings are free, just pay for your drink, walk around the Arboretum, meet-up and discuss anything you like!

We meet on the 2nd Monday in the month, at 10.30 am in the bar/terrace. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information please contact Ruth Goldman via the Synagogue office

Table Tennis

SPS Table Tennis Club meets on a weekly basis in the Schindler Hall and is available for both competitive and social play.

On the competitive side, we have had 2-3 teams entered each year into a local league, with varying levels of success since we started in 2004.

There are very few social members of the club (i.e, those who wish to play but not in a team) and this is an area which we wish to build-up with some assistance.

If you would like to join the club for either level of play, please contact Mike Marshom on 07950 205143

Food Bank

Every day people in the UK go hungry, particularly now due to COVID. A simple box of food makes a big difference, with foodbanks helping prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdowns and mental health problems.

Food is donated by individuals, schools and religious organisations. Over 40,000 volunteers sort the food to be given to people in need. Foodbanks and healthcare professionals, identify people in need and issue a voucher. Clients take their voucher to a foodbank to be redeemed for food and essential supplies. Volunteers meet clients and can signpost them to agencies who may be able to help further.

Thank you to all those who have kindly donated to the Foodbank - please keep donations coming, we are collecting:

dry/tinned food products, toiletries, baby food/nappies and cleaning items etc, to help support those who are suffering financially since the onset of Covid took away their livelihood.

Please contact Joy Brown or Norma Jacobs care of the Synagogue office for more information.


Security is provided for all services by both a paid third-party company and by volunteers from the community. We are also affiliated to the Community Security Trust.

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