Southgate Progressive Synagogue is affiliated to Liberal Judaism (LJ), comprising of a Board of National Officers and a representative from each affiliated Synagogue who make up the council and meet four times a year to make decisions regarding our Liberal family.

We support the Day of celebrations and Biennial weekends where we can join all Liberal communities for a weekend of learning and fun.

LJ also runs many successful programmes and projects for our youth including the summer camp Kadimah.


SPS elects representatives to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which is the channel and voice for UK Jewry into wider British Society, its Government, and other UK Communities. Its remit is to support and protect Jewish interests, to educate and promote understanding of our Community, and positive Jewish engagement in other areas of British Society. It is broad-based, including Orthodox, Liberal, Reform, and Masorti Synagogues.

SPS appoints two out of the 300 Deputies, based on the size of our congregation. The Board focuses on the areas of: Antisemitism, Interfaith Engagement, Religious Freedoms, Education, Israel, and International Outreach. Our Deputies pay particular attention to Liberal Jewish aspects of its activities - such as inclusivity, equality, and social action - while contributing to its mission to promote the rights of the entire Jewish Community to follow our traditions and beliefs in safety, in an understanding and sympathetic Society.

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