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How to Join

Southgate Progressive Synagogue is a member of Liberal Judaism and holds regular services open to all congregants and members of the public.

Our membership application can be downloaded by following this link - Membership Application Form

As a not-for-profit charity we need cover our running costs and as such members are asked to make a financial contribution.  For further details please contact our administrator by email to or calling us at the office on 020 8886 0977 and our administrator will arrange for our Membership Officer to contact you

We offer a range of memberships:

  • Full Membership – Family or Single - children are included in the membership of their parent/s up until the age of 21 when they may become members in their own right.
  • Young Adult Member - for people aged 21-30 who receive a discounted membership rate.
  • Country Membership – for people who live more than 30 miles away from the Synagogue.
  • Contributing Friend - Non-Jewish partner of a full member.
  • Associate Member - Jewish Member who is a member of another Synagogue (no burial rights).
  • Friend – Non-Jewish Member (no burial rights).

As a warm, caring community we welcome new members of all ages, couples with non-Jewish spouses, also same sex partners.

We offer prospective new members an introductory taster style membership rate on an ascending scale for the first 36 months which gives access to all membership benefits with the exception of Burial rights.

If you are thinking of converting, please click here for more information.

If you have any questions or require assistance in filling in the forms, please contact our administrator by e-mail to or calling us at the office on 020 8886 0977.