Wednesday 5th April, 2023 6:00 pm to Wednesday 12th April, 2023 6:00 pm

Following the tradition of other LJ Synagogues, at SPS we do not hold a service for Erev Pesach but many families conduct their own Seder at home.  Our practice has also been to “marry up” people who have no-one to share a Seder with, with a family who is happy to invite them.  There is always a 1st day Pesach service, followed, in the evening, with the communal Seder which, as we are an inclusive Synagogue, is open to everyone.  A collection is usually made, with the money being donated to the specified charity for that year.

As LJ has updated it’s Haggadah (prayer book for Pesach), so have we and are now using the latest version, which includes a child-friendly Seder.  Children are encouraged to participate in the Seder, being it reciting the Mah Nishtana, to finding the Afikomen, for which there is a prize.  Families are also included in helping to lead the service.

Pesach concludes with an Erev (last night) service, followed by a 7th day morning service, which includes the dedication of leaves on the Memorial Tree.