Wednesday 16th October, 2024 6:00 pm to Tuesday 22nd October, 2024 6:00 pm

Sukkot is the final of the 3 harvest festivals and is celebrated by the building of a sukkah.  Our sukkah is a permanent wooden structure, open to the skies, so one can see the stars.  It is covered with laurel leaves, many of which are taken from our own garden and were planted for that purpose.

Children and adults, bring fruit and we hold a “Sukkah Decorating Event”, where children draw pictures to decorate the sukkah, usually of the Ushpizin, spiritual guests, who we invite to share our sukkah with us.  Adults string the fruit and together we decorate the sukkah.

At SPS, instead of having one lulav (the four species mentioned in the Torah, consisting of the myrtle, the willow, the palm branch and etrog,) and an etrog (citron fruit), we buy a few which are passed around the congregation during the Hallel, so that everyone can be part of this mitzvah.

Kiddush, weather permitting, is always held in the sukkah.