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Access To Judaism with Rabbi Yuval

This is a year-long course designed for Jewish and non-Jewish members and their families who would like to explore the basics of Judaism and wish to enhance their knowledge. It is an essential course for people on the path of conversion to Judaism. The course covers the basics of Judaism such as: Jewish history; thought and practice; Jewish ethics; rituals and festivals. The second part of the course covers basic and prayerbook Hebrew at the starter and intermediate levels. The meetings take place weekly for two hours during school term-times.

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Coffee & Learn with Rabbi Yuval Keren

Who wrote the Bible? Who were the prophets? Who killed Goliath? What is Zionism?

These are a few of the many questions we are trying to answer during our Coffee and learn sessions on Thursday mornings during school term-times. We use classic and modern commentaries, scientific and archaeological research to explore Jewish history, tradition and thought. All are welcome. No prior knowledge is necessary but be prepared to challenge some of your prior assumptions and knowledge.

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Kabbalah at SPS

Kabbalah is a body of knowledge which explains the laws of creation and the purpose of existence. They are as relevant to our day to day lives in the 21st. century as when they were first understood by our distant ancestors.
These principles also lie at the heart of many aspects of Judaism and explain much of what we take for granted in a religious sense.

While one may read books about Kabbalah the actual transmission of knowledge is what takes place during a group or by acting in the world with conscious intention.

The sessions are led by Jonathon Clark who studied Kabbalah with Ze’ev ben Shimon Halevi for many years and who is a graduate of the Liberal Judaism Ba’alei Tefillah programme.

The sessions take place online on alternate Tuesday evening from 8 p.m. – 9.15 p.m.

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