Shabbat Service 3

Saturday 16th July, 2022

11:00 am

Led by Rabbi Yuval

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The concluding hymn is Ein Keloheinu on Page 528

If you have a Yahrzeit and would like to have a mitzvah either on Zoom or at the Synagogue, please email Lynda and we will allocate the reading of your choice, if available. If attending in person, you will be given priority when booking your place.

Our prayer for those who are sick is recited at the Shabbat morning service so please let Lynda know if there is anyone you would like added to that list.

Join us and bring your guests for this special Open House Shabbat.

On this day we will mark the 120th Anniversary of Liberal Judaism. On this day we open our doors (in-person and online) to the rest of the Liberal Jewish world and indeed beyond. This will give us an opportunity talk about the work of our community and of Liberal Judaism as a movement, and it is an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful 120 years of achievement in Liberal Judaism. Members of our community will talk about their experiences in the LJ Movement, and we will share inspirational readings from relating to Liberal Judaism.

Finally we will end the service with a Tasty Kiddush and a chat for all who joined us in the sanctuary.

Rabbi Yuval looks forward to celebrating with as many of you as possible in person as well as online.

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